Friday, 24 April 2015

Progress on Confetti of Hardanger

I've been plugging away on the buttonhole stitch border of Confetti of Hardanger this past week and it is finally complete along with parts 5 and 6.  As I said on Instagram, I will never win awards for my buttonhole stitch but it's done!  Stitching white on white and having one hole shared by five stitches in #5 perle isn't always easy and all those corners ugh!

Confetti of Hardanger Parts 1-7
Each of the inner cut squares are a part in themselves, but I think the part that will take the longest will be the final part where I have to cut the whole of the kloster block border and add in doves eyes and buttonhole bars.....think that's a month's work right there!
Here are some close ups of Part 6, wrapped bars:

Confetti of Hardanger Part 6 - Wrapped Bars
And Part 7, woven bars:

Confetti of Hardanger Part 7 - Wrapped Bars
Finally, earlier in the week I had my penultimate delivery of my Jodyri monthly threads and FOTM which is one of my favourite Limited Editions ever - Amethyst (in Brittney Opal):
April Stash
My only stash of this month - the sister induced stash diet is obviously working :)!
Next month sees me get thread number 250 - the last in the regular cottons range at Jodyri.  From June the ten thread a month club will be starting at number one again so an ideal time to join :)!
According to my stitching plan for the month, I have part 8 of CoH and some goldwork to do before month end - as well as "finish finish" my freebie thread challenges pieces for the month, so that should keep me out of trouble!
Happy Stitching!


  1. Your hardanger piece is looking beautiful. I love the fact you used you varigated thread on the eyelets. I'll have to remember that for my next hardanger project. That purple fabric is to die for.

  2. Oh, I think your hardanger is just lovely!! I would never have the nerve to do the cutting!!

  3. Beautiful stitching and the colours are just stunning. What are you planning to do when the Jodyri monthly threads go back round to one? Maybe time to start collecting all the colours in Perle threads ;-)

  4. Really really beautiful! I love the colours you've chosen.

  5. Your hardanger is lovely, such beautiful thread choices.
    I'm doing the five skeins a month thread club so I have a while to go until I have them all. Anyway I think Michelle will just keep discovering new combinations so the club will never end!!

  6. Beautiful work:) and gorgeous threads.I love the close ups.

  7. I love your hardanger piece, the colors are so pretty! The stitching looks very complex but also really delicate :-) Excellent additions to your floss collection too!

  8. gorgeous hardanger!!

  9. Beautiful progress! I would love to sign up for Jodyri's threads, I'm seeing if I can put it in the budget. :)

  10. You do such beautiful work. I really like how you show the progression of this project. I have never seen goldwork before, so looking forward to seeing yours.

  11. I have yet to brave hardanger. Maybe when I get sharper scissors and lots more patience, haha! You picked such luscious colors for yours too. It's so pretty.

    That mostly blue skein, eek. I think they'd get displayed as is. :D

  12. I love the soft colors you are using in your hardanger, it is absolutely beautiful!


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