Monday, 27 April 2015

April Operation Threadporn Report

It's that time of the month again to report on how I have got on with my monthly thread challenge!

For my April SOTW hardanger square this month I choose to use mainly DMC perles in their variegated and variations series - not everything I do has to use hand dyed :) (although they don't count towards my thread challenge totals).  I stitched portuguese ladder stitch for the first time and I also had to stitch what I refer to as" maggot stitch" - aka bullion knots, which I hate!  Fortunately I had a straw needle large enough to take #8 perle, so that made them a bit easier, though they are still one of my most hated stitches lol!

April SOTW Hardanger
I then chose two freebie projects to stitch this month, each of them was only an evening's worth of stitching and I got to use more threads :).  Firstly was the La-d-da Rose Freebie, I chose 28ct Jobelan in Mummies Curse by Polstitches and Valdani and Crescent Colourworks threads and finished it as a little cushion with some of my new fabric stash:
A Rose is a Rose by La-d-da
Valdani Threads: Old Rose, Old Brick, Muddy Monet, Crispy Leaf
Crescent Colourworks: Hickory Sticks

I also stitched the Stitching Days freebie by Glory Bee, this time using 28ct Jazlyn in a pink/yellow solo by Chromatic Alchemy, silks by Thread Pickerz and metallic and beads for a touch of sparkle and turned it into a needle book, with a page for each of the needle types I use:

Stitching Days by Glory Bee
Thread Pickerz Silks: P3 and Fuschia
Pages for beading, chenille, crewel, straw and tapestry needles

So the stats for this month are:

Percentage of hand dyed stash used to date: 9.07%
Number of different stitches used to date:     27
Number of finishes to date:                          14 (8 of which are "finished finished")

Now to think what I want to achieve next month.......

Happy Stitching!


  1. beautiful finishes ♥♥♥

  2. They really do look like maggots especially in that color. They came out very nicely though. I love the rose fabric.

    I've been wanting to make a needle book for a long while. Do you have a tutorial you use?

  3. Love your rose finish Amanda and that is a great sayng on your needlebook.
    I wasn't a fan of bullion stitch either! Maggot stitch is a good description:-)

  4. LOL at maggot stitch!
    I have stitched that Rose design, and made it into a little bag which I sent to a blogging friend.

  5. So so pretty! A needlebook tutorial would be an awesome idea! And I miss your videos!

  6. Lovely work as always. Have found you via YouTube and am glad to have done so.

  7. Great finishes, and I may never think of bullion knots the same way again!

  8. I'm totally lost when it comes to intricate work like this and would never attempt it myself. But your work is amazing, especially with the colours you have chosen. Well done! You have my admiration!!

  9. Hee hee "maggot stitch" - so appropriate! You are killing your Op Threadporn, 9%! Awesome job! What are straw needles used for?
    I have been looking at this needle case pattern and I think I want to make it this year:
    Also maybe a felt animal:

  10. Gorgeous finishes. Your hardanger square is amazing.


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