Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Plum Pudding by Glendon Place - April Progress

Nic and I are SALing on Plum Pudding by Glendon Place on 1st -7th of each month, I picked this on up on Friday and here is where I got up to by Tuesday:

Plum Pudding WIP 2
A lot of stitchers have commented on the way I have chosen to stitch this piece - working from the inside out in a round instead of page by page or corner to corner.  I've stitched quite a few mandala designs in my time and I've always found it easier and quicker to stitch identical elements together as by the time you've stitched something for the 4th/8th/12th time you know the pattern by heart!
One of the questions I get asked the most over on my YouTube channel is "How do you stitch with variegated floss?" - to which my (probably unhelpful) answer is "However you like, as long as it looks good to you that's all that matters!".  Of course we all have our preferences, but there are very few rules in stitching and far be it from me to make my methods rules!  In Plum Pudding there is only one really variegated thread out of the six silks used and that's Moonie Ponds.
Moonie Ponds
I have no hard and fast rules on how I choose to use multi-coloured/variegated/overdyed/space dyed etc etc threads, I take it on a project by project basis. I'm a stitcher that doesn't mind the stripey effect you sometimes get when using these threads, I stitch with them vertically, horizontally, in a round, to match the shape - but for areas of Plum Pudding I chose to stitch with Moonie Ponds diagonally, horizontally and vertically!  I wanted the change in colours to go in the same direction as I felt the shape was going - if that makes any sense :).
Plum Pudding Variegation Close Up
I love stitching on this piece - stitching goes so much faster when you are using silks!
Not sure what I will stitch on next, possible my Threadporn projects - here are my thread choices for this month for my SOTW Hardanger square:
April's SOTW threads
Not much in the way of hand dyed threads for this one in April, but there is nothing wrong with good old DMC and I have a mountain of perles to get through!
I couldn't decide between two freebies this month, so decided to stitch them both as they are only small.  One is from La-d-da (you can probably guess which one by my thread colours!) and the other is from Glory Bee in their archives section:
April's Threadporn Freebie Projects' threads
I've picked out hand dyed fabrics for both (Polstitches and Chromatic Alchemy)- I've got them so I might as well use them!  Top threads are a mixture of Valdanis and Crescent Colours and bottom threads are Thread Pickerz silks which were left overs from Twisted Rainbow (I LOVE leftovers!).  The Glory Bee design I've chosen was originally charted in GASTs I think - I've pimped up the design a bit with pink, purple and sparkles :).
Happy Stitching!


  1. Fantastic progress on Plum Pudding. It looks beautiful. I have never tried silks. I love the colours of yours.

  2. Plum Pudding looks so amazing. Those colours are so fantastic!

  3. Ooh that looks so beautiful, I love the colours!

  4. Fantastic progress it's so interesting to see it develop differently than mine. Every time I stitch with one of the silks I think it is my favourite of them but then I pick up another one and change my mind. Can't wait for May 1st!

  5. Beautiful progress on Plum Pudding and great description of stitching with hand dyed threads. I've done the same to get the effect I want on a particular design. Skip around a bit to get the colours where you want them.

  6. Love the progress on Plum Pudding. The colors are beautiful. I agree it is easier to start in the middle and work your way out. Brilliant!

  7. I love how Plum Pudding is looking- it sure looks great on that fabric! I'll be looking forward to this month's Threadporn projects as it seems like you've got some fun colors coming up :-)

  8. gorgeous colors and threads

  9. I love the way your Plum Pudding looks. I would stitch it the same way you have, and take lots of progress pictures too! It looks like a complete piece already.
    I'm guessing you are going for the Falling Leaves freebie?

  10. Wonderful progress. These colours really speak to me.

  11. Plum pudding looks amazing. I love that orange you picked for your hardanger square. I wish I could get pearl cotton in those colors where I live.

  12. I absolutely love your Plum Pudding, and the fabric it is on is perfect!


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