Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Long Awaited New Start

I thought it was about time that I started watching Poldark - I had six episodes of it on the PVR and as a Cornish maid I figured I'd better check it out.  I usually avoid any dramas where actors attempt to voice a Cornish accent - they inevitably fail and come up with some generic Westcountry "ooo arr where's my tractor" accent which just bugs me.  Friends had assured me that the accents weren't too bad so I took a chance.  It's so funny to see places portrayed on screen that you know like the back of your hand (Charlestown for example) and it makes you realise how much they splice things together for the end result!

What has this to do with stitching?  Well if I was going to have a TV marathon I needed a stitch to accompany it, some easy straight up cross stitch.  I've stitched my Threadporn projects for the month and I can't touch Plum Pudding until May so tragically I had to start something new :).  I have had a certain design in my stash for two years, but kept changing my mind on fabric count and colours - until finally I kitted it up at the end of last year and told myself I couldn't change my mind!

Any of you that are members of the Jodyri Designs FB Group will recognise it as you can find it for free in the group files.  I can't show you what the design looks like as it doesn't have a front cover, only the actual chart but it's called Butterfly Quote.  The quote is "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly" and the word butterfly is in the shape of one.

Here is where I've got to, I'm stitching it on 36ct Edinburgh cream linen over 2 and using Jodyri cottons:

Jodyri Butterfly Quote WIP 1
I've chosen Unicorn Magic for most of the text because, well it's purple and the word caterpillar is in (the appropriately named) Poisoned Apple as the colours reminded me of the book The Hungry Caterpillar.  I'll be using The Sunshine State for the butterfly wings and Nevermore for the body.  I may carry on with this over the weekend as well as making a start on the buttonhole stitch border on Confetti of Hardanger which I have been avoiding!
As for Poldark?  When it comes to period dramas it's no Downton and I'm not quite sure what all the fuss is about Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner), I guess it depends on whether you like your Cornishmen dark and brooding (I don't and mine isn't :)).  I would say that the star of the show is definitely the scenery and it makes me realise how very lucky I am to have lived in this little county for all of my life!  I just have to hope that all the millions of people that have been watching Poldark don't all want to come to Cornwall on holiday now - otherwise they'll be no room on the beach for me this summer........emmets ;).
Happy Stitching!


  1. I just looked up Poldark and it looks interesting but I'm not sure I'll like it. When you say the main character is dark and brooding is it along the lines of Withering Heights?

    Poisoned Apple looks perfect for this and totally reminded me of the Hungry Caterpillar.

  2. I love that Poisoned Apple thread! This looks like a nice stitch for watching TV to. Haven't seen Poldark so can't comment but the pictures I've seen of the actor haven't done it for me!

  3. love to this the progress on the piece, beautiful colors. Never been in the UK, but my dh has lived a year in Reading and he always talks about the beautiful scenery and the pies ^_^

  4. Lovely stitching.
    I'm really enjoying Poldark, though it would have been nice if they'd cast a few more Cornish actors. They reckon they're already seeing an effect on tourist numbers.

  5. Beautiful colour choice and fantastic stitching as always. :)

  6. Love your new start. Very pretty colours.

    I haven't watched Poldark but my youngest daughter is watching it and enjoying it.

  7. The nearest I've been to Cornwall is a visit to friends who live in Sway. Hope to visit Cornwall at some point. I have plans to watch Poldark and while I do not prefer a "dark and brooding" man of my own, I think they are fascinating to observe. Love the colors you've chosen for the Butterfly Quote.

  8. Butterfly Quote is lovely, you are choosing great colours.
    We have the same problem with East Anglian accents, the official word for it is "Mummerset" which means the rural accent all actors adopt for anything set in the countryside regardless of what the actual accent sound like!

  9. Lovely project, the threads are gorgeous. My Mum is watching Poldark and loves it.

  10. Hello
    I found your blog through The Alchymest's Study.
    I love your new start - that thread is so pretty.
    Happy Monday x

  11. Great thread colours on your new start.


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