Thursday, 30 April 2015

April Achievements and May Goals

Plans for April

Evidence of the below can be seen with updated WIP pics here:
  • Stitch on Plum Pudding from 1st - 7th April as part of my SAL with Nic - Done!
  • Continue stitching on Golden Daisy goldwork project - Done, though only managed a bit of chipwork
  • Stitch and finish my April freebie project for Operation Threadporn - Done - two freebie projects completed!
  • Stitch the April Hardanger square for Operation Threadporn - Done!
  • Complete Block 2 of Box of Delights - Done!
  • Complete parts 5 to 8 of Confetti of Hardanger - Done - Parts 1 to 9 complete!
And just for fun, here is how all that looks in a pie chart a la Jo :)
Days spent stitching in April
8 days passed with no stitching!
May Goals
  • Complete Block 3 of Box of Delights (outlines already completed)
  • Stitch on Plum Pudding from 1st - 7th May as part of my SAL with Nic
  • Continue stitching on Golden Daisy - aiming to work on it at least once a week instead of the few hours I've put into it in two months!
  • Complete parts 10 - 14 of Confetti of Hardanger
  • Jodyri Butterfly - Complete at least the first two lines of text
  • Stitch the May Hardanger square for Operation Threadporn
  • Stitch and finish my Operation Threadporn freebie project for the month by Le Chalet des Perelles
  • If I feel the need for a new start, pick from one that is fully kitted from this list
A big thank you to everyone that stops by my blog and especially to those who comment, I try and reply to everyone via email.  If you haven't received a reply, it's probably due to the fact that you are a no reply blogger (which you can change if you want to), I just wanted you to know that I appreciate all of your comments too (I know where to track most of you down lol)!
Happy Stitching!


  1. Very impressive progress. Are you going to show us your Golden Daisy soon?

  2. All your wips are beautiful, Amanda! I had a look at your "upcoming"! Those are very pretty patterns. I can't wait to see them stitched!
    But...what's this? 8 days with no stitching.?????

  3. Congrats on meeting your April goals and good luck in May! I tried to change my status as a no-reply blogger, although with my Google + I don't think that link applies to me. I couldn't find the same things she mentioned anyway. I'm impressed at how organized you are, pie charts and everything!

  4. Tiff I forgot to say that Google+ does muck up the whole no reply thing, I have no idea how to fix it! I don't really use Google+ though people add me to their circles lol! I know where to find you though :)!

    1. :) That's good. I tried to play with my settings, but I have no idea if it fixed it.

  5. As always very beautiful work and very inspiring as well Amanda. Next year I will have a threadporn challenge myself but I have just subscribed to Jodyri threads and fabrics and want a few speciality threads from which to work.
    It's not a race I know, but you are such a quick stitcher. You will have to teach embroidery one day, I am sure you would have lots of happy adult students! It takes ma all my time to settle down to stitch as retired hubby and dog take my time up, and I love that as well.
    I don't know how to enable replies so I won't try. You have inspired me to go back to my blogs. I watched your last video and although it's sad that you won't be seen there, I do understand your decision.

    1. I had to reply to your comment Sara, thank you for your sweet words! You never know, I might turn up on YouTube again, maybe in the Summer when I have a few proper finishes to show :). You won't regret your Jodyri Thread subscription - I have just about all of them and love each and everyone! As much as I love all my threads, I have come to realise there is even greater joy in actually USING them lol!

  6. Nice pie chart LOL

    I cannot imagine a day without stitching, even if it's just a few stitches at the very end of the day.

  7. Well done on achieving all your goals for April! Hope you do as well in May :)

  8. I have my no-stitching days and after a few of them I get so cranky and short-tempered I can actually tell; I need to take care of myself by making time to have fun, and produce endorphins. :D
    you sure got a lot just by crossing out all that stuff on your goals-list, great job there!


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