Thursday, 2 April 2015

Box of Delights - Block Two

This one didn't take long to stitch up as I had already completed the black outlines and border last month, so it only took a couple of hours to add the filling patterns.

Here are my thread choices for Block 2:
Thread choices for Block 2
L-R Top: Bruised Ego PB04, Ruby Slippers PB25, Sherbet Dip
Bottom: Genie of the Ring PB06, Love You Lots, Artic Splash PB38
Here is Block 2 complete:

Block 2
And the piece as a whole so far:

Blocks 1 & 2
Roll on Block 3!  Now it's back to some "serious" stitching on Plum Pudding over the Bank Holiday weekend - I'll be back with an update on Wednesday :).
Happy Stitching!


  1. beautiful choices

  2. Lovely choices, this is a beautiful stitch.


  3. Beautiful, Amanda! Love your colors!

  4. I've recently started cross-stitching again after an absence of probably 20 years and I'm becoming obsessed with it a good way of course. I found your videos on youtube and have watched several - I love the videos, your projects and of course your accent. I do have a question for you....I normally use DMC floss and wind it on bobbins - I've seen the threads you're using on this project in the stores but don't really know how to use you leave them as they are and just pull one end to length you need? or do you unwrap and wrap on a bobbin? Keep up the great work and good luck with your blog...

  5. This is looking stunning! I think I have sussed the dove's eyes but they're not perfect. I have been in contact with Ilke from Mabel Figworthy so thanks for the link to her. x

  6. Great colour choices for the "black"work. Having read Heidi's comment I now want to hear your accent on your Youtube channel!

  7. Yay! Finally found your blog after subscribing to your YouTube channel. Your new projects looks exciting. Okay confession time... I am now your Fan. Hugs and thanks from the Philippines.

  8. All of your projects are looking lovely. Enjoying your progress!

  9. Beautiful projects and colors. A great inspiration for a returning cross stitcher after 20 years! I will miss your videos!!

  10. Gorgeous colours and beautiful stitching as always :-)

  11. So pretty! If I ever get my Save The Stitches done I am definitely going to stitch this one too :)


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