Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Successful Just One July!

Thanks to Justine's Just One July SAL, I have finished Joan Elliott's Cinderella!

Cinderella by Joan Elliott Complete!

Cinderella Face Detail
Cinderella Shoe Detail

Cinderella Dress Detail

Cinderella Coach Detail

Cinderella Castle Detail

She was stitched on 28ct Brittney Opal in Speckled Egg by Jodyri Designs using all the recommended DMCs and MH beads and the metallic were swapped for PTBs.  I'll never be a 100% OAAT stitcher, but every so often it's good to stick with a piece until completion to ensure that it does get finished!  I love Joan's designs, but one a year would be enough for me and I will make sure I spread out the project for the whole year.
Eager to get back to my hand dyeds and 36/40ct after almost two months of stitching on Cinders.  Also considering having a little destash, so stay tuned..........!
Happy Stitching!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Just One July So Far.........

Stitching is done on Cinders, just the backstitch and beading to go:

Cinderella - stitching complete
Not sure if there will be a finish before the end of July - but the end is in sight!
Happy Stitching!