Saturday, 27 June 2015

Finish Number 18!

After a week or so of what seems like endless wrapping and weaving - A Confetti of Hardanger is finally finished!

Confetti of Hardanger - Finished!
I think it is quite possibly my proudest finish to date, not least because I can remember being totally petrified of stitching it three years ago when I purchased it!  That is the joy of stitching though, because with an extra three years stitching experience under my belt when it came to it, this design wasn't so terrifying after all!  I may even stitch it again, but this time the uncut version, as alternative stitches are offered in the chart for stitchers that might not be ready to take out their squissors just yet!
There was a time, a few years ago, when I avoided doves' eyes like the plague, never mind stitching a filling stitch inside anything other than kloster blocks!  It is a good reminder that any new skill takes time, patience and above all practice - you can't become an expert over night.  You learn so much in stitching by your own experience and often making mistakes is the best way to learn (which is why I always remember to go under the last "leg" of a dove's eye ;)).  My CoH isn't perfect by any means, case in point - my buttonhole bars bear more than a passing resemblance to Cornish pasties........dare I share a picture....
Buttonhole Bars - CoH
Excuse untucked cut ends :)!
The point is, despite its imperfections, I'm thrilled with the overall finish and it reminds me of the progress I've made as a stitcher over the past few years and that is a good thing.
This means I now only have one WIP left, my goldwork, which I am just not in the mood for right now.  I also have fabric for my Butterfly Quote and freebie project, they both need finishing.  As Mr Milkybar Kid reminded me this week, stitching is supposed to be fun not a chore and I can do what I like - so I will be starting one of my Summer stitching pieces this weekend!  It will be so lovely for a change, to just stitch little crosses!
I've only really stitched on about 12 days of this month, so feel I would really like to get stuck in to a new start (or starts).  With Wimbledon starting on Monday I'm thinking this will be a good opportunity for an IHS FORTNIGHT not just Weekend :) and an excellent time to unplug from social media and focus on enjoying my stitching (not to mention apparently we are to expect a heatwave in the UK next week.......I won't hold my breath though!).
Hopefully I'll have some progress to show in my next post - it depends on how exciting the tennis gets!
Happy Stitching!


  1. A beautiful finish as always. It was this project of yours that made me buy the perle in Alaskan Beauty. I will get round to stitching some hardanger when I get a break in my stitching commitments. Looking forward to seeing your Summer projects.

  2. Congratulations! It looks simply superb.

  3. oh, let me hear an giant, loud, AMEN! :D
    trying out things for yourself is always the best way to learn something, it might take time and you'll end up wasting a bit of fabric, a bit of thread.. but it's all worth it in the end.
    your Hardanger looks exquisite to me, and ALL THAT WRAPPING! that's A LOT OF WORK!! I almost got dizzy trying to follow it with my eyes!
    I'm sorry you still see the pastry, I see stairs with white moquette on every step :D either way, it's such a stunning finish- BRAVA AMANDA! you well deserve the new start!
    enjoy the tennis and the IHS fortnight! that is SUCH a good idea..!!

  4. Amazing finish!! Your version looks so beautiful and congratulations on completing something that does seem scary at first. I hope you enjoy your stitching and let us know how it goes when you plug back in. :)

  5. Looks great! Congrats on the lovely finish!

  6. Beautiful hard anger. The coloured thread you chose is perfect.

    I'd love to do a whole fortnight of IHS-ing

  7. A gorgeous finish Amanda,no wonder you are proud of it.
    I am looking forward to the tennis too,along with some warmth,I hope, and a bit of stitching:)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous finish! I'm in awe. No idea how you managed to do all that so beautifully. Congrats! :D

  9. Beautiful stitching. It looks like a challenge and what an achievement. Will you frame it?

  10. Wow! Your piece is stunning!

  11. Congratulations on a wonderful finish. You should be very proud :)

  12. This looks amazing! My favorite is still the snowflakey flower one at the very top. I hope you enjoy doing whatever you want!

    And I could totally go for a fortnight of hermiting. Or a year. In fact, I could probably live my life as a hermit as long as I had Internet. :D

  13. Confetti of Hardanger looks so elegant, well done on your finish! I love your thread choice for this piece too :-) . I hope you have a lovely fortnight of stitching and tennis watching!

  14. Oh my Amanda, this is just gorgeous. All these beautiful blocks and the terrific border. Great!

  15. SO beautiful Amanda! Excellent job! Any finishing plans for this?

  16. Holy moly, lemon squeezy!!! G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!!!!!!

  17. Absolutely beautiful!! I love the soft colors.


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