Thursday, 18 June 2015

Summer Stitching Plans 2015

This post is coming to you slightly earlier than planned due to a lack of motivation on my part to get on and finish my WIPs - until the WIPs are complete none of the following beauties can be started (I am currently 1 WIP down with 2 to go).  This is the carrot approach to encouragement - the stick approach arrives next week when The Sister comes to stay for a few days lol (she isn't that bad really!).

From past experience I know that my level of productivity stitching wise drops sharply in the Summer due to Wimbledon fortnight and the ever present hope of warm sunny weather and outdoor activities!  I've chosen four projects to stitch on throughout July and August so that I can chop and change according to my mood in the hope of keeping my stitchy bug alive throughout the Summer.

Here are my plans!

1. Living with Charm by Lizzie Kate:

Living With Charm Materials
This one will be stitched as one long piece with the plan to finish it as a wall hanging :).  It will be stitched on 28ct Permin Buttermilk linen with all the threads exactly as charted (for a change).  I have had these charts in my stash for years and it will be wonderful to finally stitch them up.  28ct will be a nice rest for my eyes after all the 36ct and 40ct I've been stitching on lately!

2.  Sleeping Beauty by The Primitive Hare:

Sleeping Beauty Materials
This time last year I was stitching on The Primitive Hare's Red Riding Hood, so it's fitting that I should also stitch on this chart after a year of it sitting in my stash.  Again this one will be stitched with all the recommended threads and fibres and on 36ct Edinburgh cream linen to match Red Riding Hood.

3.  The Butterfly Garden by The Drawn Thread
Butterfly Garden Materials
Another long time member of my stash!  This one had an option to be stitched in silks or cottons, but as is often the way with me I chose my own hand dyed threads for the chart (all counting to Operation Threadporn totals of course!) - seven Jodyri Designs hand dyed cottons and a Waterlillies silk (which was actually in the materials list).  This one will also be stitched on 36ct Edinburgh cream linen, as at 355 stitches wide it cuts down on size!

4.  Emma and Eliza in the Garden by Just Nan:
Emma and Eliza in the Garden Materials
This chart also had a cotton or silk materials option and I again opted for cottons (and 1 silk!).  Although I had some of the called for AVAS in my stash, I did not think it necessary to invest the stash cash in the others when I had plenty of other options available to me.  This again will be stitched on 36ct Edinburgh linen (is it obvious I have metres of this in my stash lol?!) and this time with an assortment of different cottons:  GASTs, Threadworx, Mo's Sale and a random one from Canada!  I couldn't resist the call of the AVAS, so the wording in this chart will be stitched in silk.
If by some miracle these get finished before the Summer is out, there are four Cloudsfactory designs up next in the to be stitched pile - they require a bit more thought on materials and such before they are ready to be stitched up :).
For those of you that prefer the long winded waffling of the audio/visual version:

The prospect of having a clean slate and then four new starts is tantalizing - let's hope this motivates me to get on with finishing up my hardanger and goldwork!
Happy Stitching!


  1. I can see how this would motivate you - you've chosen some gorgeous designs to work on over the summer. Good luck!

  2. Gorgeous projects! I can see how the thought of those would make you want to get your current WIP's done!

    You always seem to pick the perfect combination of thread and fabric colours!

  3. My favorite is the drawn thread design. I just spent a half hour going through all their patterns on the website. They're so pretty.

  4. Beautiful patterns you've picked. I'm really looking forward to seeing the LK done! I've recently fell in love with her designs a few months ago.

  5. oh my goodness! what beauties!
    first of all, love the L*K and the colours for it - a perfect palette!
    and the Butterfly Garden! - oh my!! I have several TDT in my stash but not this one, how delicious it is! same goes for the JN, and all the colours for these beauties - you have a great taste for carrots, I'll say! :D

  6. I bet I can guess what one of the Clouds Factory pieces is. �� All your summer projects are beautiful, but I especially love the Just Nan. I doubt I get much done during the summer. It's just too hot and gross outside. But I'm excited that I've figured out how to comment on your blog now. ��

    1. Jennifer, how lovely to see your name pop up here 💜! Well the Cloudsfactory designs are a set of four (so far) and I know you've definitely stitched one of them 😉!

  7. Great choices on your summer stitching and I hope you enjoy all of them. The LK one might be a good choice to pick up occasionally since it has a lot of little finishes, and so does Emma and Eliza if you look at it per section. Good luck and I hope you get some sun!

  8. I love the projects you've picked for the summer! There seem to be plenty of lovely colors involved, which is always fun :-). I'll be looking forward to seeing your Sleeping Beauty stitch up- I remember when you were working on Red Riding Hood and she came out beautifully :-)

  9. Lovely choices to keep you busy over the Summer!

  10. Awesome choices! This is going to be a fun summer :D

  11. Eep! Cloudfactory stitches! I can't wait to see them.

    I must admit I really dislike starting a new project ... except for floss tosses. Maybe I just like to fondle all the pretty colors. Butterfly Garden looks especially fun. But 28-count being a rest for the eyes. Yikes. I'll be over here in my corner being blind ahaha.

  12. I always love to read about other stitchers' plans, and I love doing some planning myself. At the momnet I am kitting up some summer pieces so that I can start on them right away next week or so.
    The Butterfly Garden by DT is a wonderful piece. And the JN chart is looking just as great. Looking forward to seeing them started on your blog.

  13. I find I stitch more when the tennis is on TV. It's an excuse to stay in the chair. I hope the weather doesn't disrupt Wimbledon this year. It put the dampener on our cricket series against UK.We laugh at everyone wearing jackets in the crowd, when at the recent Cricket World Cup in NZ and Australia it was so hot. And then of course at the IPL in India it was 40 degrees sometimes. Oh well, I hope you get time to start all these fun projects soon.

  14. Lovely Summer projects. I have the Just Nan design, not surprisingly as I have a LOT of JN pieces!

    I'm thinking of getting some 36 count but can't decide which neutral to go for!

  15. You always stitch the most wonderful things :) I am curious about the thread from Canada. Could you tell me where you found it? Thanks!!

    1. Thank you Khristine! I'm afraid the Candian thread was part of a random hand dyed thread bundle I bought from Ebay a few years ago, which is of no help at all really lol!


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