Thursday, 1 October 2015

September Achievements and October Goals

Posts to follow on evidence of the below!

September Goals
  • Complete Part 6 of Milady's Blossom Garden - 99% DONE, waiting on some 9/0 beads to finish off three drawn thread bands
  • Stitch September's SOTW square - DONE!
  • Stitch a freebie project for Operation Threadporn (as yet undecided) - DONE!
  • Finish Butterfly Garden by The Drawn Thread - DONE!
  • Start A Flamestitch by The Scarlet Letter (very excited about this!) - DONE!
  • Pin down my Autumn Winter projects and make a start on any or all of them! - DONE!  Have chosen seven new starts and started six of them!

The graphical representation:

September Progress
October Goals
  • Stitch October's SOTW Hardanger square
  • Stitch a freebie project for Operation Threadporn (as yet undecided)
  • Finish Jane Austen & Me by The Sampler Girl
  • Finish Green Earth Sampler
  • Finish Fresh Air Sampler
  • Finish Crystal Waters Sampler
  • Start final new start for Autumn/Winter
  • Stitch on Flamestitch
  • Stitch at least another two parts on ATOS
I'll be back in a few days with an Operation Threadporn report and hopefully a finish on MBG if the beads arrive :).
Happy Stitching!


  1. very happy to see all those points crossed 🙌🏻
    I can't wait to see how 🔥✖️ is going! 😄

  2. Congrats on meeting so many goals again! Wow!

  3. great job on meeting your goals ♥


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