Sunday, 11 October 2015

Endless Eyelets!

The end is in sight though - only one more band of eyelets to go on A Flamestitch!  I had toyed with the idea of replacing some of the eyelets with other stitches (Rhodes and rice) but decided against it - it is a reproduction sampler after all.  Eyelets really aren't all that bad, here is where I got up to:

A Flamestitch WIP 2
I'm still head over heels for this one, but will put it down for the month once that last band of eyelets is complete.  There are other pieces waiting patiently in the wings!
Speaking of which, last Saturday I finished off  Jane Austen & Me:
Jane Austen & Me (The Emma Project) by The Sampler Girl Complete!
I adore the finish, Moose Drool and all!  The other advantage of 40ct is that with a smaller finish an "off the shelf" frame is a much more likely prospect, so I shall be keeping my eyes peeled..........
Changes may also be afoot in my stitching plans for next year, with an acronym (well at least the way I say it it is!) and an initialism featuring heavily in my plans :).
Happy Stitching!


  1. Ooh the colours in Flamestitch are beautiful! Eyelets sound like they involve cutting - too scary for me.

    I love your cute Jane sampler too. It's so pretty.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your plans for next year!

  2. Lovely finish on your Emma sampler! A Flamestitch looks fantastic but no wonder you may be getting tired of eyelets- they seem to be everywhere in that piece! Looking forward to updates on your other projects and your revised stitching plans for next year :-)

  3. Congrats on your finish! You've made last very progress on your sampler as well.

  4. Holy moley eyelets! They look amazing and glad you're still enjoying it despite those. Excellent finish as well.

  5. All these eyelet stitches are certainly not such a lot of fun to do BUT they look gorgeous. So you know they are really worth while.
    Your Jane Austen finish is so lovely.

  6. Goodness me, all those eyelets! :o But definitely worth the effort. It's coming along nicely.

    Wish I could stitch as quickly as you do. Your progress each month is amazing. <3

  7. Your Jane Austen finish is darling! And the sampler just keeps looking nicer and nicer--I truly love the look of the eyelet stitches. Hang in there :)

  8. Gorgeous stitching! Congrats on the finish, too - it's beautiful! :D

  9. You are definitely the eyelet expert now! They look gorgeous, especially in the red white and blue zigzag.

  10. Beautiful work! I am loving A Flame Stitch...the eyelets are perfect. 💜

  11. Oh those eyelets look awesome!!!!! Well done!!!!!

  12. I have to admit those eyelets do look fabulous


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