Monday, 28 September 2015

A Weekend with Jane

Here is my penultimate Autumn/Winter start!

This is by a designer who I absolutely adore and have stitched several of her pieces in the past.  One of my favourite things to do as the nights draw in is to curl up with my stitching in front of a good film, or more likely in my case - stream a TV boxset lol!  Making sure that things match appeals to the OCD part of my personality, so when what I watch mirrors what I stitch I am a very happy Janeite!

I am of course speaking of Tanya Marie Anderson AKA The Sampler Girl (@bzmama on IG).  Although she focuses less on cross stitch now, if you are into knitting podcasts and videos you should check out her YouTube channel and blog.  In the meantime I still have a few of her stitching patterns squirreled away for future Austen marathons and those days when only Jane will do!

Here are a few of my previous TSG finishes from the past:

TSG - At Home with Jane
At Home with Jane
TSG - Elinor Dashwood Holds It Together
Elinor Dashwood Holds it Together

Sound of Music by The Sampler Girl
Sound of Music (freebie)
The Sampler Girl - Sense and Sensibility
Sense & Sensibility
And here was my new start for the weekend:

Jane Austen & Me by The Sampler Girl
I've chosen to stitch it on 40ct linen 1 over 2 entirely with silks - my new favourite combo as it appeals to me not only because of its delicacy but also its frugality!  The chart calls for 15 different shades and I picked out silks from my stash covering seven different brands - including one shade imaginatively called Moose Drool :):

Stash for Jane Austen & Me
Glorianas, Dinky Dyes, HDFs, Waterlillies, Carrie's Creation, Thread Pickerz and AVAS!
And here is where I got to, with Emma and P&P for company:
Jane Austen and Me by The Sampler Girl WIP 1
I was so tempted to carry on stitching it for a finish - but I still have one more new start to squeeze in this month and the final part of MBG came out over the weekend too..........
Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh my! Such stunning past finishes and one this weekend to boot! Such even perfect stitches...just like always :) Have a great week!

  2. I'm not a huge sampler fan, but these appeal to me. I especially love "Elinor Dashwood Holds it Together"

  3. what a great start/almost finish! 😄
    you got yourself quite a collection of Miss J's pieces, how lovely!

  4. Wow you have a lot of projects
    All is beautiful

  5. What a lovely design with such beautiful threads, And what a lot of progress already! Thank you for showing us some of your past finishes too. They must be very special given your love of Jane Austen. :)

  6. Such a beautiful start but seriously, Moose Drool?!

  7. beautiful projects, love the new start

  8. Absolutely love your latest start!! The colours & the fabric are just perfect :)

  9. Amanda, you have stitched a nice amount of Tanya's designs. She also belongs to my favourite designers, I particularly love her Jane Austen designs and have also stitchjed a couple of them. Your new start is gorgeous, a chart that I don't have in my stash. So it will be a delight to see it grow on your blog.

  10. What a delightful weekend you had with Jane! Thank you for sharing your past pieces. They`re lovely. I have yet to stitch any of her designs yet...but seeing yours stitched so perfectly may have enabled me :)

  11. Oh, it's gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of Jane Austen, so these designs majorly appeal to me. You stitched that up so quickly! Can't wait to see how you finish it :D

  12. Gorgeous start and love your other finishes!

  13. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. :)

  14. Gorgeous design and such speedy stitching too! I love high counts or stitching over one for the same reason, very frugal.
    Not sure about the Moose Drool though LOL

  15. Moose Drool has to be the best thread name I have ever heard! Beautiful finishes!


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