Thursday, 17 September 2015

A Much Anticipated New Start!

Any of you that have been following my needlework adventures since my YouTube days may remember a video I did last Summer on my top three wishlish charts for 2015 which I planned on stitching.  Red by Mirabilia was the first, Plum Pudding by Glendon Place was the second and now begins the journey of stitching the third :).

I'd never been one for reproduction samplers, that is until several years ago when I discovered Nicola's wonderful blog and exquisite stitching.  After following her stitching journey through several beautiful Scarlet Letter pieces, I knew one day I would have to stitch at least one of Marsha's samplers myself.  As I'd decided that in 2015 I would be stitching what I want when I want and not be tied down to my usual designers - this year seemed perfect timing to fit a Scarlet Letter sampler into my stitching schedule!

Being the type of person that I am, I read everything that I could on Scarlet Letter samplers, I've never been one to jump in feet first and panic later!  I'm so grateful to Nicola and Jo and all the contributing bloggers on the various Scarlet Letters Years blogs for taking the time to explain and photograph their work.

I had a few questions about fabric choice - Edinburgh or Floba?  Who better to ask than Nicola herself!  As Floba was a fabric I'd not tried before, Nicola very very kindly sent me a sample piece so that I could see its merits for myself.  I took the opportunity to give it a trial run and stitched up this little freebie by Blackbird Designs:

Souvenir de France by Blackbird Designs
I loved stitching on Floba!  It's lack of slubs and fine appearance compared to 100% linen made it the perfect choice for me for whatever Scarlet Letter chart I decided upon.  It was a given that I would stitch the sampler in the charted AVAS d'Alger as I adore stitching with those silks.  I find by planning my projects early that I can work large 100% silk projects into my stitching budget and thereafter it encourages me to stitch from stash as much as I can :).
All that was left now was to decide on the sampler!  I have a real love of bargello/Florentine/flame stitch (call it what you will), so the solution was obvious and screamed at me from the Scarlet Letter catalogue - it had to be 🔥✖️!
A Flamestitch by The Scarlet Letter
35ct cream Floba and the recommended AVAS d'Alger

Now you can see why this start is much anticipated as after being in the pipeline for over a year I can FINALLY put silk to linen - well linen mix if we want to be 100% accurate :).
So here is my start!

A Flamestitch WIP 1
It goes without saying that stitching on this one was well worth the wait - I absolutely adore it!  For someone who loves stitching fonts and lettering, it really is a wonder that it took me this long to stitch a reproduction sampler!
Now I really should put this down and work on my Operation Threadporn pieces for this month - including a freebie in commemoration of a much anticipated TV programme returning to UK TV screens for its final series:

September's Thread Choices
But maybe I'll do just do one more row on Flamestitch...........
Happy Stitching!


  1. Your Souviner to France....I'm being completely honest when I say: I think it is the prettiest I have seen. Beautiful! And I adore the new repro you are working on... Can't wait to see it grow!

  2. I've never been one to like samplers, but I do admit I've always like that pattern. It's the colors, they're lovely.

  3. Great new start :). I'm not a fan of samplers in general but I love the colors in this one. I've never used silk but I love working on linen

  4. Flame Stitch must be so much fun to work on, I can tell ❤️
    I didn't know you stitched SDF too, and you just reminded me I really ought to finish mine.. 😬
    I shall be impatiently waiting to see the new small 😉

  5. I LOVE your Souvenir De France! So pretty. What a great idea, you've obviously well researched the project before starting. The colours look beautiful.
    I tried your link to the TV freebie but couldn't find the chart - am looking forward to Sunday though!

  6. Souvenir de France is simply Magnifique!!!
    I too am looking forward to Sunday evening... and a bit sad too knowing it is going to be the last series.

  7. Gorgeous start! I love the way you finished off that Blackbird Designs freebie too. So pretty! :D

  8. Ooh, a Flamestitch looks exquisite! I can see why you don't want to put it down! Your finish is very pretty. You've chosen some very interesting colors for your Threadporn pieces, I'll be looking forward to seeing the final results :-)

  9. Beautiful finish! The colours in Flamestitch are absolutely stunning... And I'm really curious about Floba... I should look into that.
    Very nice work!

  10. a sweet finish, gorgeous colors on the flamestitch

  11. I also love stitching on Floba, the very fine one. Your little test stitching piece is just adorable, such a delicate pink colour and then the white lace and the little heart buttons you used for the finishing - just wonderful.
    I have never been a reproduction stitcher but I must say that every now and then I feel tempted when I see other stitchers' work. Your choise is so beautiful.

  12. Most of the SdF finishes I've seen have been blue for some reason, mine was too! Pink is very pretty and it's a lovely pillow finish.
    I'm so pleased that enjoyed the SL blogs, it was a lot of work setting them both up and the Gallery was even more but it's the kind of thing I love doing.
    Looking forward to following your Flamestitch progress and adding it to the Gallery in due course.

  13. Flame Stitch is looking beautiful! Can't wait to see your progress.

  14. Such a beautiful pillow you made! And I love the bright colors in Flame Stitch, can't wait to see what it looks like finished!! :)


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