Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Wimbledon Fortnight!

It was a fantastic tournament as always, the best man won on Sunday, I just wish that man had been Roger Federer :).

Anyway I managed a fair bit of stitching in between all the excitement - four new starts and two parts on my SALs, here are the pics!

Firstly I completed Block 5 on Box of Delights - the colours:

Thread choices for Block 5
Top L-R: Hearts and Flowers Ltd Ed PB24, Argentine Tango PB59, Clockwork Orange PB49
Bottom L-R: Rainforest, Blue Morpho Butterfly PB18, Over the Rainbow
The "sweets":

Box of Delights - Block 5
One more block to go!
Box of Delights Blocks 1 - 5
Up next was Part 3 of Milady's Blossom Garden:
Milady's Blossom Garden Part 3
Hello coral knots!
Then on to the new starts, firstly Living with Charm by Lizzie*Kate:
Living with Charm - WIP 2
Slightly wishing I'd chosen my own colours on 40ct but still enjoying stitching it this way!
A levitating Sleeping Beauty by The Primitive Hare:
Sleeping Beauty WIP 1
I changed the colour in her dress from GAST Banker's Grey to an unknown GAST Ltd Ed
Just Nan's Emma and Eliza in the Garden:
Emma & Eliza WIP 1
Absolutely adore this one!
I changed my choice of purple Mo cotton with a Dragonfloss one

And finally The Butterfly Garden by The Drawn Thread:
Butterfly Garden WIP 1
I just have to remember to add in the French knots to the Tansy.
I'm stitching this one in hoop and didn't want to squash them!
It was great to get back to regular stitching after quite a few months where it's been a bit hit and miss.  Unplugging from social media was definitely a bonus and is something I will be carrying forward.
In exciting international post news, I had a wonderful parcel of joy from Chiara over at The Grey Tail when she sent me the prize for winning her Stitching Enigma.  To say I was thrilled with the contents is a complete understatement and I cannot thank Chiara enough for her generosity (as well as the time and dedication organising the Enigma took!) and also Nina who chose and included the beautiful silks.  Despite knowing about Nina's Threads since 2011, I'm ashamed to say that these are the first in my collection - but after a bit of shuffling they now have their own dedicated drawer as I plan on adding to their number next year when I'm back on the thread wagon :).

Stitching Enigma prize from Chiara
Behold the Beauty!  Purples!
That's me all caught up!  I haven't pulled my Threadporn threads for this month's projects yet.  I'm feeling uninspired for Summer themed projects courtesy of the dull, grey, damp and misty weather we're currently experiencing - I can't believe it hit 30 degrees a few weeks ago!  I'm sticking with my Just Nan for the minute, maybe I'll be OAATer for a while, well at least a few days ................
Happy Stitching!


  1. Beautiful progress. I love the last band on Milady's Blossom Garden. I really must try getting one of the drawn thread garden patterns. They're so pretty. Congrats on the win by the way. I've always wanted to try Nina's thread. Let me know how you like them :)

  2. Great to hear from you again and you certainly had a productive fortnight! Lovely progress on everything!

  3. great progress on beautiful projects. And you got some amazing goodies ♥

  4. What beautiful projects you're working on! I love Box of Delights, the colours are just so pretty. Congratulations on your win, what a treasure haul. I have some Nina's Threads that were a gift so I must try them soon.
    I was a OAATer until I discovered blogs 2 years ago...now I have 20 started projects!

  5. Oh Amanda, those fabrics look divine. The threads are so beautiful. Congrats on winning then. I can't believe Box of Delights is almost over. It's been great following you on this pattern and will miss all the vibrant color choices when it's finished. Sleeping Beauty looks great. I would love to do the Series of fairy tales by The Primitive Hare. It's a purchase I look forward to.

  6. Beautiful progress on all your lovely projects... I really like the levitating Sleeping Beauty :)
    What a fantastic prize to win!!! Oh my, all these lovely items!! I have recently discovered Nina's Threads (cotton, not silk) and they are truly a joy to work with... really really soft. Have fun & enjoy!

  7. Beautiful stitching! I especially love the Milady's Blossom Garden.

  8. I/We missed you, Amanda! Welcome back!! Your starts are stunning as always. I love love love the butterfly garden! That is just gorgeous!! I'll have to add that one to my wish/want list. I didn't particularly seem fond of the cover photo ...but looking at it stitched is just amazing!
    Congrats again on your win! You'll have to let us know how the threads work out.

    Tina :)

  9. hahaha!! sorry the old Jolly Roger didn’t make it, I’m not in the position to discuss tennis, really, but it’s one of those sports I enjoy watching, especially because you can stitch bunch without hearing rude, noisy, loud screams. and there’s the occasional camera pointing on Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch, added bonuses (although if you ask me those are the moments I’d rather be AT the tournament then at home doing needlework, but that’s another story). :D
    4 new starts sounds most exciting! well done, girl!
    oh your colours for BOD are simply gorgeous! I especially love two combos: Hearts and Flowers and Blue Morpho Butterfly. fantastic job, as usual. possibly one of my fervour boxes so far is the second one you showed, the one in Argentine Tango: a delightful flowery spiderweb if you ask me.
    Milady’s Garden is looking dashing, I will have to put it on my schedule for next year, it’s irresistible. :D
    I’m loving the new L*K start, I know what you mean about tiny stitches and personal colour-ways, but I will say this piece is looking absolutely adorable like it is. look at that outer border, aaawww! 💜
    Houdini would be proud of your work on Sleeping Beauty; E&E is just gorgeous, and look at all those flowers in Butterfly Garden! beautiful!
    I’m glad all the needlework galore made it safe and sound, would you mind sending us some dull, cool weather please? we’re having another week of heat weave and then tornado alerts starting a week from today.. I would rather be in England in a daily basis for many reasons, weather is just a new item on the list.

  10. the amount of typos and bad autocorrections in my last post is stunning. :P

  11. Everything you do is beautiful as always. I think the Just Nan is my favorite though. I'll be glad when you make more progress on Sleeping Beauty. Surely she can't levitate for too long. I wish I could share some summer weather with you! We reached 104 the other day. And no air conditioner! I am ready for winter.

  12. I love all your new starts, they looks fantastic! Well done on Box of Delights, those colors are amazing :-)

  13. Gorgeous stitching! Great job, your projects look amazing. Enjoy your new goodies! :D

  14. Box of Delights is amazing! Let's see, this time my favorite is the Over the Rainbow block though the Blue Morpho skein is amaaaaazzzzzzzzing. Lol @ the levitating Sleeping Beauty.

    Gorgeous win, too! I have yet to try fancy pants stuff since all I have around here is DMC. I did pick up a few discontinued WDWs, hmm. Gotta find the right project first!

    Oh to have 30C again! We're at 35 with heat indices of 40. At least A/C is quite common in this part of the US.

  15. Glad to hear from you again - I've missed you :-)

  16. Oh great, you managed to stitch a lot during the tennis tournament. And all these projects are so lovely and different so that you can switch to another tsyle of stitching whenever you get bored with a project.
    What a gorgeous package from Chiara!

  17. Beautiful projects, Amanda. Absolutely LOVE Milady's!

  18. Everything is absolutely beautiful!! I would love to have a little tour of your house just to be surrounded by all your lovely stitching :) I am not even sure how long it took me to read this post because I stopped at every picture and just took all the little details of everything in. Especially Milady's Blossom Garden, the cut work is gorgeous!


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