Thursday, 30 July 2015

July Operation Threadporn Report

The results are in, the threads have been counted - here are the designs for this month!

First up July's SOTW Hardanger design by Mabel Figworthy.  I chose another unusual colour combination, until you actually stitch with a thread it's hard to know how the colour variation will stitch out.  I'm quite pleased with the results and who knew how easy it is to add beads to hardanger:

July SOTW Hardanger
Introducing ermine stitches!
A slightly more summery feel to my chosen freebie for this month, a design by The Snowflower Diaries, who incidentally posted a new freebie design to her blog this past week.  For this one I chose a OOAK hand painted sea effect jobelan that Sam from Chromatic Alchemy very kindly gifted to me last year along with cottons and silks from Nina's Threads that Chiara gifted to me via her Enigma (it has just occurred to me that I really should have used this finish for a Gifted Gorgeousness post..........muppet!):
Sweet Summer by The Snowflower Diaries
Yes I know, epic fail on the finishing front but I'm just not in the mood for it at the moment.  If I force it, everything will just get finished for the sake of it into pillows or something easy that I can do - I have better ideas, just lacking the inclination at the moment :).
I am ecstatic to report that I have this month hit the magic number as far as thread usage percentage is concerned - probably helped out by the lack of thread buying going on here at the moment!  Here are the monthly totals to date:
Percentage of hand dyed thread stash used to date: 15.51%
Number of different stitches used to date:     48
Number of finishes to date:                          24  (9 of which are FFOs)
So seven months in and my target of 15% has been reached!  Maybe I could reach 20% by the end of the year - but a thread binge could strike at anytime.......vigilance must be maintained!
In other stitching activities this past week, I've put in few stitches on Sleeping Beauty by The Primitive Hare - she is no longer levitating:

Sleeping Beauty WIP 2

I also completed Part 4 of Milady's Blossom Garden by Abi Gurden which came out on Sunday:
Milady's Blossom Garden Part 4
Loved stitching the drawn thread bands with all those coral knots!
Hoping I can stitch a word or two on my L*K before the month is out and then 1st August sees the release of the final block for Box of Delights!
Happy Stitching!


  1. Great stitching update. I love the colourful little mermaid :)

  2. That thread looks as fabulous as I imagined it. Lol on the levitating. The pictures I saw on Instagram were a little creepy now that you've mentioned it. Sigh, Abi Gurden's piece looks more and more tempting as each part comes out.

  3. Oh Amanda, they're all beautiful! And well done on your threadporn progress!! Imagine....still 5 months to go until the end of the year!!!

  4. oh my goodness, I jus noticed the beads in the Hardanger square! how lovely!
    I immediately liked the colour choices for that one, but you're right: you never know how a highly variegated thread will stitch up until you actually do it - well, this one turned out beautifully.
    of course your mermaid looks fantastic, and thank you for the heads up on the new freebie (isn't that summer girl the sweetest? I think I have those exact same clothes too.. I think it's a sign. 😉).
    you put more than a few stitches on no-longer-levitating Aurora - good for her, she must have had one hell of a backache! 😉
    MBG my favourite, all that thread-work! just delightful!
    congrats on being so diligent and productive with your threadporn regimen. I should check into one for charts..! 😄

  5. So gorgeous! MBG looks so pretty! All those specialty stitches!

  6. Beautiful work on everything! I love how your thread worked for SOTW and Milady's Garden is awesome!

  7. beautiful stitching Amanda, beautiful stitches and colors
    Happy Stitching

  8. Beautiful stitching! I love the drawn thread work

  9. I am just in awe of your drawn thread pieces, Amanda--I have no idea how to do such beautiful work...

    I have to be in the right frame of mind to finish a piece, too--sometimes, the mood just isn't there :)

  10. All beautiful finishes but I especially love the Blossom Garden :)

  11. Lovely stitching. The beads look great in the hardanger and the colours came out well.
    The Snowflower Diary Summer is gorgeous on that fabric. I'm very tempted by that one now!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous stitching once again! I really like the thread you used in your hardanger square for the month :-)

  13. Oh my goodness, absolutely gorgeous stitching! And congrats on reaching your thread usage percentage! :D

  14. Mmmmm mmmmmm. Looooove Milady. Sweet Summer is adorable!!

  15. Congratulations on meeting your goal for stash usage! I'm sure if you try hard enough (and close your eyes during sales haha) you'll meet a wonderful new goal :D

    That sweet summer looks perfect on that fabric! Her red hair is great~

  16. I love the beads on your hardanger! I have never seen anyone add beads to hardanger but I really like how it looks! Sweet Summer and Sleeping Beauty both look great!! And Milady's Blossom Garden is stunning!! Pretty thread and beautiful stitching, it is perfection :)


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