Monday, 20 July 2015

Emma and Eliza in the Garden

I figured this one would be the first of my finishes for my Summer Starts - it was just too darn cute and I adored the theme and colours!

Emma and Eliza in the Garden by Just Nan complete!
Spot the hedgies and the incy wincies!
I can see why these designs are so addictive and I expect there will be more like them to follow!  I changed a few of my original colour choices as is my prerogative - but still another 8 threads to add to my threadporn totals so it's all good :).
This brings me to finish number 22 for 2015!  I know I drive certain stitchers to distraction over the fact that most of my finishes end up in "The Drawer", I've always been more of a process stitcher than a product stitcher.  I do have five pieces of my stitching hanging in my house, two of which are huge Chatelaines - there really is only so much stitching I can take hanging in my house, otherwise it would be a "can't see the wood for the trees" situation!  I just love everything about the actual physical stitching, from picking colours of thread and fabric to deciding on which individual stitches to use for a piece.  Once a piece is finished, I'm ready to move on to the next one, taking what I've learnt from all my finishes and putting that experience into a new start, whilst always being open to learning new things along the way.  I've always been about the journey and not the destination.  Stitching for me is like the colouring in "Art Therapy" that so many people are in to nowadays.  No one asks them what they are going to do with all the colouring books when they've completed them, the act of colouring means it has served its purpose - that is like me with my stitching :).
I've finally got around to picking my threads for my Hardanger and Snowflower Diaries freebie for this month (no prizes for guessing which design I'm doing lol!):
Threadporn Choices for July
Nina's lovelies put to use!
Lastly on the subject of freebies, if you love history and stitching, then head on over to the Stitchory FB group (it's public), where Chase has flexed his designing muscles and created a beautiful Aztec inspired turquoise mandala design - educational AND fun, would more could you want!
Happy Stitching!


  1. What a lovely finish,lots of detail and gorgeous colours. Love your colour choices for your next project:)

  2. Such a beautiful finish. If I was ever tempted away from plain crosses, this would be the type of project I would stitch.
    I think a lot of us feel the way you do about finishing projects. I try to get things framed for the children's rooms but I have plenty of finished stitches in a project roll somewhere!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, as always!! The hedgehog is cute but that spider! I found him tucked away in there..too cute!

  4. oh, that's such an adorable finish! congrats! I LOVE the little hedgies and the Abigails (how I call spiders sometimes). I have many JN in my stash bought over the years, I'm sure the moment I start the first it'll be a Just Nan marathon from then on :D
    I perfectly agree with you on the process rather than product attitude: if I was a "product" stitcher I would care way less about how I stitch, how long it takes and how much it ends up costing (that's the math I never care to do). I do end up with pretty ornaments, stuff I can hang, etc. - but all in all I don't mind having my finishes waiting for that moment in "The Case" or "The Box". fully finishing something is an art itself, it requires time, care, supplies, money, space, good light, .. when the lightning strikes and I feel like sewing and cutting, it's just like magic - but until then, they're all going to lay down quietly ;)
    beautiful picks for the new smalls, I love them both (although I'm very curious to see if my guess for the SD is correct :D).

  5. I saw your finish on Instagram and went 'WOW'. I love the colors in that piece. By the way I really like that thick pearl cotton. What thread is it? I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  6. Excellent finish! And thank you as always for enabling. :)

  7. I love your latest finish Mrs Milkybar Kid!!
    The colours are just wonderful & the overall effect is just fantastic.
    I always try to finish off my stitching projects but must admit I have a few that are still waiting... ;)

  8. Such a beautiful finish--I love all the teeny details in it. Although I'm very good about finishing off any ornaments or small pillows that I've stitched, like you, my larger finishes often end up in a drawer or folder somewhere! The joy is in the stitching after all :)

  9. Wow, that piece is gorgeous! Congrats on an awesome finish, can't wait to see what you're up to next :D

  10. I absolutely adore your finish! It is so sweet. I have stitched a fair few Just Nan designs and just love them.

  11. Love this post Amanda :) You are so right - it is all about the creative process of doing rather than producing. Which is why I am so hooked on the search for more threads and lovely designs and fabulous fabrics - it all feeds into that passion.

  12. I just love you Just Nan finish, such lovely summery colours.
    I rotate the designs on display so they all get a chance to be seen. There is quite a lot of stitching in my house when you go from room to room and add it all up!

  13. Love the finish!!! Gorgeous colors. Well said about the stitching process!!

  14. I'm just the same, Amanda, I'm also more of a process stitcher than a product stitcher. Lately I showed a friend all my finished projects because knowing that I have stitched a lot during the last 20 years she was surprised not to see anything stitched on the walls, lol.
    This Just Nan finish is stunning, I quite simply love it. I have kitted up a JN band sampler, too and will start it in autumn.

  15. Oh but what a beautiful forest it would be!! :) Once you said that someone is not going to display all their coloring pages it all makes sense on enjoying the process. Gorgeous finish!! And thanks for the heads up on the Stitchory, neat charts!


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