Monday, 31 August 2015

August Operation Threadporn Report

Another month and more threads have been seeing the light of day!

First up was a freebie by Jeannette Douglas that I found on the Caron website, I stitched this one on a Crafty Kitten Ltd Ed Opal from November 2012 and used AVAS and Waterlilies silks.  I loved the way the colours turned out and *one day* I will turn it into a needlework wrap/roll with thread rings to store threads for my small WIPs:

Thread Collector by Jeanette Douglas
Next up is my SOTW square for the month, I changed the threads slightly by working in another wildflower to add to the thread totals!

August SOTW Hardanger Square
This saw the combination of possibly the two most hated stitches - French knots and lazy daisies to make the French daisy!
My thread totals didn't advance too much this monthly, mainly due to the addition of a few Jodyri threads that landed in my letterbox :).  A few months ago Michelle at Jodyri Designs sent me a photo of an upcoming thread she had in mind for a future limited addition thread and I knew when it was released I would HAVE to have it.  So here is Regal Peacock (August's Ltd Ed) in 32ct Belfast, stranded cotton, stranded silk and three sizes of perle lol:

August Stash
Michelle had also updated three of her hand dyed regular cotton colours, so I had to have those in the interest of keeping my collection up to date.........
All in all that meant that for this month thread totals were as follows:
Percentage of hand dyed thread stash used to date: 16.18%
Number of different stitches used to date:     49
Number of finishes to date:                          29  (9 of which are FFOs)
Part 5 of Milady's Blossom Garden was released on Saturday so I stitched that one up over the weekend - not entirely without incident I have to say but here it is:
Milady's Blossom Garden Parts 1 - 5
As it's a bank holiday here in the UK today I'm hoping to squeeze a little bit more stitching in on the final day of August as I haven't touched Butterfly Garden all month.  Then there are projects to finalise for Autumn/Winter stitching as I'm dying to get my teeth into some projects that have been sitting in my stash for too long!
Happy Stitching!


  1. What beautiful threads! I love the Thread Collector design - perfect for you! And Michelle's new threads are lovely

  2. The Thread Collector band looks gorgeous, and so does your square for the month. I totally love the colour you used for it. And lazy daisies are all wonderful.
    That new blue is a beautiful colour combination and I can understand why you had to have it.
    Nice addition to the Blossom Garden. And I hope that you will find some time today to continue stitching on the Drawn Thread piece.

  3. Oh my goodness such pretty colors in all your use of your thread stash :) I love to read/see about all the different threads you use! Very beautiful projects! Have a great day filled with STITCHING! :)

  4. What a great free chart and absolutely perfect for you! Once again all your colour choices and your stitching are beautiful. I too got the full compliment of Regal Peacock threads.

  5. Yummy purple colors. Quick question, the purple frame is that something you have or you photoshoped it? I'm asking because I'm having a hard time finding nice vintage frames. All I find are modern frames i.e. with sleek lines.

  6. Wow! Amazing work on everything and you're right, the Caron freebie does fit you well. :) Your Milady's Garden is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!! "Thread Collector" suits you perfectly! I think the pattern was specifically made for you :) The SOTW square is very pretty! I'm not one for muted colors, but you've blended them perfectly. As for your Jodyri stash.... j e a l o u s! They are gorgeous!! I wish it wasn't such an expense for us Canadians to order all the pretties. Do you have any plans for them yet?

  8. Lovely progress and I love the peacock threads :)

  9. those finishes are just lovely! beautiful thread choices, as usual, and great job on using so many threads - Operation Threadporn is definitely a success!
    I'm happy to see my favourite WIP of yours growing so nicely, and boy do those French Daisies look neat! I have to find a place to fit some! 😄

  10. Beautiful stitching, so many different stitches.Milady's Blossom Garden is looking fantastic and those new threads are lovely colours.

  11. Beautiful stitching! That's some gorgeous new stash too. Enjoy! :D

  12. Absolutely stunning work!! Hope September brings you lots of stitching time :)

  13. I love thread collector. The colors are grand.

  14. beautiful finishes and new stash, love the color of the fabric

  15. Huhhhgrgnlskjfg look at peacock. Regal indeed! And thread collector is right! That will make a lovely future needle roll.

    French daisies sound fun! I'm a weirdo who likes French knots (whether or not they're neat though....). They're fun to make unless you have a piddly length of floss left on the needle!

  16. "Thread Collector"! That is perfect for you :) A french daisy! Next time I have to make a french know or a lazy daisy I will think myself lucky that I am not making a french daisy! Milady's Blossom Garden is so beautiful! And I don't blame you for having to get those threads, they are so pretty!


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