Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Solo September after an Abismal August!

I can count on one hand the number of times I picked up my stitching in August, I blame the Olympics!  Also I'm not brilliant in the summer with big projects, I lack the concentration!  Anyway, here is my paltry progress on my two samplers:

Stéphanie Desmidt WIP 2
Stephanie Desmidt 1844 stitched on 40ct with DMCs
Band Sampler (SANQ) WIP 1
Band Sampler (SANQ) stitched on 40ct with DMCs
Thanks to my little stash sale, I have been indulging in the other joy of stitching: planning and stashing for future projects!  I have the majority of my projects for next year planned out and I'm very excited about them, some of them I have wanted to stitch for years so I am looking forward to 2017!
On to the matter at hand - Solo September!  This is a SAL being officially hosted by Justine and you can join in the fun here.  The idea being that you stitch on one project for the entire month, or until you finish it then you may start another but only stitch on that one!  I was quite successful in April and July with this idea so figured it couldn't hurt for September.  Now I could have chosen one of the samplers above to stitch on for September, however I felt a new start was necessary to get me stitching again after such a drought this month.  So here are my materials for my new start tomorrow:
Floss Toss for Alice
Looks quite autumnal doesn't it!  The design is by an Italian designer and is based on a classic English children's book, I think the (Disney) thread colours of the main character laid on top in the picture above give it away.......... any guesses?
I'll put you out of your misery, this is what I will be stitching for Solo September, one of four new starts that I hope to squeeze in before the end of the year:
Alice in Wonderland by The Little Stitcher
Alice in Wonderland by The Little Stitcher
I'll be stitching Alice on 40ct Vintage Country Mocha linen with a selection of Nina's lovelies, silks and cottons probably knowing me :).
I look forward to seeing what everyone else will be stitching in September!
Happy Stitching!


  1. Great choice for September! I didn't guess Alice, so I'm glad you let us know. That's an interesting pattern, I've favourited a few of theirs so I don't forget them.

  2. Lovely stitching on your samplers. I see the attraction of a new start for Solo September and this design looks fun. The fabric and threads for it are lovely.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your stitching progress or finish:) on 30th September:)

  4. I think it's too hot to stitch large projects in summer!
    I love your choice for Solo September - Alice has been one of my favourite books since I was little. That's a lovely design and the threads are gorgeous!
    Thanks for joining me, I hope you'll make lots of progress.

  5. I cannot wait to see your progress in September. I like the idea of a new start! woohoo. I would like to think I could work on one project for an entire month, but who an I kidding! I also enjoy the planning, and kitting and playing with the fabric and threads......often to the detriment of stitching time! HA

  6. Oh Amanda, this project will be so much fun to stitch. I think it's a wonderful decision to start something new for Solo September. I have also joined the group but will post about my choice next week.

  7. Wow, a lovely choice for Solo September!
    I love Nina's Threads they are purely bliss to work with.
    Have fun!!

  8. I haven't heard of the SOLO SAL. I will have to check it out. Although I'm not sure I can afford to stitch on only one project for the entire month. In the summer, my project choices really depends on the weather.

    Your Stephanie sampler looks really great. It looks like very fine work, I'm going to have to look into that pattern. I've never stitched on 40ct. How does it feel like?

  9. I love your choice - I have recently visited the Little Stitchers shop, and love her work. I have added several to my Must Have list. I know I am going to love watching your progress on this

  10. I love that chart! It's on my wishlist on my blog too! I really like The Little Stitcher designs and I love 40count too. You have such good taste LOL

  11. Great choice I never would have guessed!


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