Thursday, 21 May 2015

The End of an Era!

It was with a tinge of sadness that I opened a stash parcel that I received yesterday because it was my final thread club package from Michelle at Jodyri Designs!  I have been a member of Michelle's thread club right from the beginning with thread number 1(Sapphires in case you wondered) and yesterday received thread number 250 (To Kill A Mockingbird).  I am now the happy owner of every regular cotton that Michelle has in her collection - as well as a few *ahem* limited editions, silks and perles............

I love Michelle's threads and they will always hold a special place in my heart, not least because she named one of her limited editions with me in mind last year lol!  I still have a few in her Solos and Tie Dye line that I would like to add to my collection and I'm pretty sure some more perles will be making an appearance in my stash at some point.  I've got several kitted designs that I've chosen Jodyri Threads for, including The Drawn Thread's Butterfly Garden which I can't wait to start - so plenty of Jodyri stitching going on instead of just Jodyri stashing :).

Anyway this brings me to my stash report for the month.  I'm actually quite pleased with how little I've been stashing compared to previous months - the sister stash method seems to be working for me!  Here are my purchases for the month: my Jodyri threads, a hoop seat frame and a goldwork book!

May's Stash
I never thought I would be the owner of a seat frame!  I know that some stitchers use them for cross stitch, but for the most part I use scroll frames as I like the entire width of my fabric to be stretched.  Also in the past I've stitched mostly larger designs and just could not be bothered to keep moving a hoop around all the time and creasing up my fabric (the same reason why I've never used Q Snaps).  For my smalls I use a hoop that the entire design fits in, but I've never felt the need for a stand......until I began my goldwork.  It is very hard to couch metal threads with just one hand!  You need both hands free and so all of a sudden the seat frame became a must have and essential tool.  Funny how things change, so never say never!
I absolutely adore the goldwork book.  It is everything I hoped for, especially as I have been patiently waiting for it to be published for months!  A review of the book can be found on Mary Corbet's website if you are interested.  I can see a few more in this A-Z series being added to my needlework book collection - probably Crewel, Stumpwork, Embroidery Stitches 1 & 2, Needlepoint and possibly Ribbon Embroidery when it is published in September.  Every page is jam packed full of step by step photographs and full of inspiration (I've had them all out of the library at some point so know exactly how useful each will be, I don't think I have ever bought a book "blind"!).
I've been working on Confetti of Hardanger and Jodyri Butterfly Quote and have almost reached my "goal point" on both for the month so will be back with a WIP round up in the next few days.  Part 2 of Milady's Blossom Garden came out yesterday so I expect that may get stitched up too, especially seeing as we have ANOTHER Bank Holiday weekend in the UK.......
Happy Stitching!


  1. beautiful new stash, looking forward to your wip update, happy stitching ☼

  2. I've never tried her threads but they look gorgeous! I'm glad to hear you're using them.

  3. Looking forward to your WIP update. But I have to say again I don't think your stash is complete until you have all the Joydri colours in all sizes of perle too ;-)

  4. Sweet stash! I love the purple of the fabric, so pretty! So, I have to ask- how do you store your Jodyri cottons? Can we see? Maybe a video, hint hint!!

  5. Lovely new threads :) The goldwork looks fabulous!

  6. Have only just begun my collection of Jodyri's threads (thanks to you) and already have some lovely perles and silks from her as well. Always enjoy hearing about your stitching plans. Nice new lap hoop!

  7. Beautiful threads! I joined the thread club as well and am excited to try out her threads. I'll look forward to seeing your WIP pics since you've progressed on everything you hoped for.

  8. Bellissimo il tuo ricamo.
    Prima usavo anche io un telaio a cerchio ma poi ho scoperto Q snaps che adatto con prolunghe man mano che il ricamo cresce.
    ciao buon ricamo Giovanna

  9. I have started acquiring Michelle's beautiful threads so my stash is at the beginning. I haven't decided what to stitch yet, but I'm determined to use them and not put them in my look and stroke but never use drawer. I have enough stuff that needs using and it's time I did so! Looking forward to your next update.

  10. Beautiful threads. Such pretty colours.

  11. oh, I've been drooling all over gold work for a long while now (well, not literally!), I'll take a look at Mary Corbet's review on this one, although I have the feeling I could just pop it into the cart for my next purchase like pretty much anything else she talks about.. gosh!
    I love Silk Ribbon, it's so freaking realistic and gorgeous to look at.. I'll definitely keep an eye on that release too, thank you for the heads up!
    hoops, frames, I never say never with my stitching. I changed habits & tools so many times since I started, I pretty much never part with anything as they could come back as easily as they went, if you know what I mean.
    those threads, ah! those threads. I can see myself not being able to live without 4 of those shades. :D and congrats on sticking with that sister approval system, I love it!


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