Thursday, 10 December 2015

Autumn Tree of Stitches

After a lot of cross stitch I was finally ready for some more speciality stitching!  Part of the reason why I like to have several pieces on the go is so that it keeps my interest as I find if I have too much plain cross stitch it drives me crazy, as does too much fiddly stitching, so I like to switch between the two!

Anyway, I've finally finished Summer (Autumn) Tree of Stitches by Abi Gurden and I am so pleased with the way it turned out!  I've wanted to stitch this for the longest time, it's been sat in my stash since its SAL days.  I'm so glad I took this year to actually stitch all those designs that I kept saying I was desperate to stitch but could never find the time in my stitching schedule for some reason.

I won't bore you with endless pictures of each part (there are 12 parts), but if you want to know more details of threads and stitches used for each part, you can see close-ups of all that stuff in my Flickr album.  Here is the finished piece:

Summer (Autumn) Tree of Stitches Complete!
Stitched on Jodyri Designs 28ct Brittney Opal Fall Trees (LE) with Gloriana, AVAS, HDF and Dinky Dyes silks, Caron Wildflowers, PTB and delica beads

I've got a small cross stitch piece on the go from GOSM for easy TV stitching and hopefully this weekend will finally make a start on Catherine Agnes - ugh I hate starting pieces lol!
Happy Stitching!


  1. It's beautiful! Congrats on the finish!

  2. I love all the extra details you added to it. Especially the honey bee.

  3. Wow that's beautiful and so detailed! You have really had lots of finishes this year. Your Roll Call is looking pretty full!

  4. I am exactly the same - I am not alone-project-at-a-time stitcher. At all, lol. I just love the variety of my projects. And last year I was doing the same - I started lots of projects that I had always wanted to stitch, and they are all big. It was my best decision :))
    Your Tree of Stitches looks gorgeous, what a wonderful finish. And I can easily imagine how interesting the stitching process was because of all the specialty stitches. Great job.

  5. Oooohhhh it's so pretty! I absolutely love it. Congrats on the finish!

  6. That is awesome! Huge congrats for achieving so much this year.

  7. Congratulations, it simply look stunning!

  8. Oh this is beautiful!!!!!! Love all of the special stitches!!!!!

  9. Just found your picture as I started this piece myself. Love your colors!


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