Monday, 2 March 2015

March Plans and a Finish!

I like to set stitching "goals" at the start of each month, that way I can tailor them to my particular stitching tastes at the time, as well as making them achievable for that particular month if I know I will have less stitching time.  Past experience has taught me that yearly goals don't work for me, as soon as I say x/y/z has to be done by such and such a date, I instantly loose the desire to stitch on that piece :).

I'm trying to have a more laid back approach to my stitching this year, so if things on this list don't get done, it's no big deal - I just like lists!

March Plans
  • Start and stitch on Plum Pudding by Glendon Place from 1st -7th March as part of my SAL with Nic
  • Start a project using a technique that is new to me (very excited about this!)
  • Stitch and finish my March freebie project for Operation Threadporn, something from La Comtesse
  • Stitch the March Hardanger square from Songs of the Weather SAL by Mabel Figworthy
Those are the priorities, if they are done than one or more of the following could be started:
So we'll see how that goes.......

Today saw the release of the final part of Les Dentelles SAL, as I was home today I made sure I had everything ready to go last night so that I could stitch and finish the piece today:

Les Dentelles Complete
Hard to get a good photo with neutral on neutral tones!

I really enjoyed stitching this piece and I love the way my colour combination turned out.  Esther's designs are beautiful, so if you are a fan of blackwork and enjoy choosing your own colours I would definitely recommend her Etsy Shop!
Hopefully my next post will be an Operation Threadporn report for February..........
Happy Stitching!


  1. Love your new plans, looking forward to seeing them stitched. Your blackwork is absolutely gorgeous, love the color choice of threads and fabric ♥♥♥

  2. Beautiful as always. A new technique! What are you going to try out?

  3. Thanks to you and my stitching friend Irene, who insisted I watch your vlogs, you have given me the motivation to re start my stitching after a lengthy break. It is lovely to see what you have stitched and follow your progress. Thank you from a grateful return stitchers!

  4. Your Dentelles is absolutely stunning so delicate. I have all the parts saved so will add it to my neverending list of projects for the future.

  5. Les Dentelles came out beautifully, no surprise there. Emma and Eliza is a chart that has been kicking around in my wishlist for a while, I'm excited to see you stitch it!


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