Wednesday 30 November 2016

Not Much To See Here.......

Just about squeaking in with a November post, but as the title suggests there isn't much to show stitching wise for the passing of November!  When I did stitch (mostly last week whilst off work), I finished the first part of Band Sampler and being made up of smaller motives it made for a fun stitch:

Band Sampler (SANQ) - Part 1 Complete
40ct with DMCs
I've made a start on the second part as you can see, but I doubt I will finish this one by the end of the year, especially knowing how little I've been stitching these last few months.  It was only an arbitrary thought anyway, so the world will not implode if it gets carries over to next year.
I did buy a new chart (shock horror!) - it was one I had admired for a while but wasn't available in the UK so I contacted the lovely Karla and she got it in for me.
I did think about having another stash clear out but have decided to put it off until Spring to see if I still feel the same and don't do anything I would regret later!  I haven't lost my stitching bug, I still enjoy it when I do pick it up, but there are other interests that I want to pursue and focus on when I have spare time which would be of greater benefit to me shall we say.
I'm still looking forward to starting my planned new projects in January - they might be the only projects I end up stitching for the whole of the year, but stitching with AVAS silks on 40ct linen will always be a joy regardless of when I pick it up!
Happy Stitching!


  1. We all get into a slump. I'm kind of in one right now, doing no stitching whatsoever during the week and only some on Sundays. I need to stop watching so many Korean dramas during the week. It's eating up my stitching time.

  2. Beautiful work, as you always have. As long as you're happy you should stitch when you want. :) Good idea to wait on the stash unload too.

  3. I find that other interests are taking over from my stitching at the moment too. At least you are still finding some time for stitching. I checked out your new chart purchase - love it!

  4. This band sampler looks absolutely gorgeous, such wonderful colours and motifs. And also the one you have ordered, Alice, looks very promising.
    There are still so many crafty hobbies out there, so just go with what you feel is best for you.

  5. Margaret is a lovely sampler, the colours are beautiful. I love the Aury Alice too, I can see that one in my future!
    I have no other hobbies, there is nothing in my life other than stitching LOL I wish!

  6. Such beautiful colours in your sampler. I LOVE the Alice quaker design, I've been admiring it in Karla's shop!
    I hope you don't give up stitching altogether.

  7. Lovely stitching! Don't worry, the bug will bite you again eventually, I find it always does!

  8. Beautiful progress! I hope your bug comes back soon!


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